DENMARK – Carlsberg Group CEO Cees ’t Hart, has joined the CEO Climate Leaders, an organization that brings together the private sector to support concrete, business-led climate solutions and innovations.

The group of 79 chief executives came together with a belief that the private sector had a responsibility to actively engage in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help lead the global transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy.

The coalition represents the interest of different companies from all industry sectors to foster initiatiatives in their practices, operations and policies with the goal to provide solutions to climate change.

“I’m honoured and excited to join this group of like-minded business leaders that urges the delivery of the Paris Agreement, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We all know that leadership is key to addressing climate change and that partnerships are essential for scaling our efforts to prevent it.

This coalition, facilitated by the World Economic Forum, is one of the best,” said Cees ’t Hart.

CEO Climate Leaders comprises of CEOs and chairs from the world’s largest companies representing most of the world’s major industrial and services sectors, including financial services, agriculture, biotech, building efficiency, industrial motors, automotive, utilities, oil and gas, renewable energy, ICT, cement, and steel.

Global challenges such as climate change, water scarcity and public health issues led to the formation of the group’s Together Towards ZERO sustainability programme in response to increasing consumer demand for sustainable products.

Carlsberg Group said it was committed to support the Together Towards ZERO sustainability programme by providing innovative solutions with expertise from postdoc fellows, universities and laboratories such as the Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

As the alliance continues to receive support from bigger industrial players, they aim to build momentum for an ambitious global climate change deal demonstrating CEO leadership on climate change as well as catalyse greater and broader private sector commitments and action on climate change.

Other CEO members of the CEO Climate Leaders include the CEOs of Unilever, DSM among others.