FRANCE- Carlsberg, a producer of 1664 Blanc, Kronenbourg, and Tuborg Green beer brands, is planning to invest €30 million (US$31.7 million) in projects to upgrade its Kronenbourg brewery in eastern France. 

The Danish multinational brewer said the investment follows €25m of spending at the brewery over the last four years. 

The funds will be mainly used to upgrade the facility’s bottling, packaging, and storage facilities, according to a statement from the company which owns Kronenbourg, and Tuborg Green beer brands. 

Carlsberg notes that the facility will be able to bottle 60,000 beers per hour after the new packaging line automation is installed. 

Additionally, a new pelletizer will be installed at the facility to enable the brewer to produce half-pallets for customers that are simpler to show in retail establishment 

Carlsberg has owned Kronenbourg since 2008 when it acquired from from Heineken in an deal that granted Heineken rights to brew and sell Kronenbourg in the UK from its Manchester facility. 

In 2018, Carlsberg invested €100 million in Kronenbourg to enable further modernization, capacity expansion, and advancements in the fields of environment, health, and safety. 

“We are proud of our position as the leading French brewer and of the impressive growth of Kronenbourg 1664 inside as well as outside of France,” said Cees ‘t Hart Former CEO of Carlsberg. 

“In order to continue to grow, we need to invest, and today’s announcement is a testament to our shared values and promising growth opportunities.” 

Meanwhile, Kronenbourg has changed its name to Brasseries Kronenbourg “reaffirm our profession as a brewer” as the company’s name according to Anders Røed, chairman and CEO in his recent LinkedIn post. 

The local rights to the Kronenbourg beer brand, previously owned by Heineken, were acquired by Carlsberg’s UK joint venture in April. 

Heineken will however continue to make and package Kronenbourg until 2024, when Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) over will take over production.