MALAWI – Castel Malawi Limited, a subsidiary of global wine and spirits company with operations in over 140 countries, Castel International, has commenced an intensive buy-back-empty-glass-and-crates campaign to boost its empty beer glass and crates stock.

The leading producer and distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Malawi has recruited 200 young men and women working hand in hand with its sales and marketing team throughout the campaign to achieve a seamless and faster operation.

Castel Malawi’s Head of Marketing Frank Binauli, said the campaign seeks to boost the company’s empty glass bottles and crates circulation, which is key for a consistent supply of its beers.

He added: “We use a returnable glass business model; on average, it takes about two months for the glass to return. So, when it stays with the consumer longer, we are not able to produce enough beers to supply the market.”

“This creates product stock-outs, which is why we urge our consumers to always return glass bottles when they drink our beers at the outlets. We also request them to be responsible enough to return the plastic, empty green crates as well as the empty bottles after drinking the beers off-premises.”

“The company re-injects millions of empty glass bottles and crates into the business every year. Sad to say that some are lost or damaged through the supply chain and many end up in peoples’ homes, hence the need to sensitize the consumers to bring them back to Castel.”

Recently, when Castel Malawi introduced their new Managing Director Thomas Reynaud to government officials including members of Parliament in Lilongwe, he stated that the company is going through a lot of problems in terms of access to forex to enable us to buy raw materials for its products.

Reynaud encouraged local sourcing of raw materials and agribusiness to grow and support the local economy so that it uses local raw materials in the hard times.

According to Binauli, the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has anchored this economic contribution pillars, through environmental preservation, by collecting back the glass bottles and crates; and meeting consumer expectations through consistent product availability.

Apart from enhancing its beer packaging stock, Binauli also highlighted that Castel Malawi believes in youth empowerment, allowing the interns to work while they learn some skills in the trade.

In August 2022, the company assured that its expansion drive will help in creating more job opportunities, stimulate business growth, and guarantee more tax revenue to the treasury for the economic development of Malawi.

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