Castle Malawi partners with UK based firm Jacobs and Wells to export its iconic gin to Europe

MALAWI – Castel Malawi, leading producer and distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Malawi has entered into a partnership agreement with a United Kingdom based firm Jacobs and Wells to enable the company export some of its products to Europe.

Under the deal, the main product to be marketed is its Malawi Gin.

According to reports by The Nation Malawi, this will create more market for the company’s other products such as Malawi vodka and Premier brandy having the potential to compete fairly with other international brands across Africa and beyond.

“Castel believes that partnering with Jacobs and Wells, its vision of making the iconic Malawi Gin brand available in Europe shall be realised.”

Sellina Mhango – Castel Malawi exports manager

According to Castel Malawi exports manager Sellina Mhango, the global spirit market assessment shows a huge potential for business of spirits family.

The global alcoholic spirits market was valued at US$524.17 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach US$709.38 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 3.45% during the forecast period, indicated a report by Ink Wood Research.

European alcoholic spirits market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 2.20% over the forecast period of 2020-2028.

“Castel believes that partnering with Jacobs and Wells, its vision of making the iconic Malawi Gin brand available in Europe shall be realised,” said Mhango.

Jacobs and Wells director Alex Sukali said that the deal means the spirit, touted as the best export quality gins from Malawi, is now readily available in Europe.

“We are proud and delighted to have Malawi Gin as our flagship as we build up the Malawi brand on the international market under Experience Malawi,” he said.

Sukali said to reach out to a wider market, Jacobs and Wells has devised a strategy that will ensure that Malawi Gin is available in a wider part of Europe.

“Promotion and marketing will be achieved through participating in international drinks events in the UK and Europe. It willl also be through coordination with trade attachés in our European embassies as we jointly promote and market Malawian products on the international market,” he said.

Castel Malawi is also pushing the well-known iconic gin and its other spirits in targeted markets in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

Meanwhile the company is planning to contract local commercial farmers to grow maize and rice to be used as raw materials in the production of malt beer.

The firm’s head of external affairs Godwin Ng’oma revealed this, stating that, “We have been importing about 5,000 to 10, 000 metric tons of these raw materials for our beer production per year.”

Ng’oma said in Madagascar, where Castel Group is also operating, the company works with local commercial farmers on contract and want to replicate the same in Malawi.

Minister of Trade Sosten Gwengwe confirmed that the beverage company is in talks with the government on the plan and that empowerment of locals is a priority to them.

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