MOZAMBIQUE – Cervejas de Moçambique (CDM), a Mozambique subsidiary of Belgium multinational drink and brewing company, AB InBev says it is fully utilizing the modern technology from KHS to produce an exceptionally high capacity of its products for the African continent.

KHS, headquartered in Dortmund, is an international manufacturer and supplier of filling and packaging equipment for the beverage, food, and non-food sectors.

The installed returnable glass line from KHS, on which up to 80,000 550-milliliter bottles per hour can be filled–accounting for about 95% of total sales, is in the new US$180 million brewery opened in 2021 in the country.

During the inauguration of the biggest and most modern brewery in Africa, AB InBev said the new site has a capacity of 2.4 million hectolitres per year, with the potential to expand that to 6.7 million.

CDM, founded 25 years ago following the privatization in 1995 of Sociedade Geral de Cervejas e Refrigerantes de Moçambique (Sogere), began the construction of the facility in December 2018 on a 71 hectares piece of land located in the district of Marracuene, Maputo province.

This new factory became the most extensive investment 9 of CDM after the expansion of its production capacity with a new factory in Nampula factory attracting US$65m in 2010.

With this new factory operational, CDM now has four factories in the country, specifically in the City of Maputo (south), Beira (center), Nampula (north), and now in Marracuene (south), with modern production technologies and renewable energies.

In the Marracuene site, two modular KHS labelers have been installed, reportedly for the “first time” worldwide. The KHS labeling technology has performance figures of 0.054% faulty labels and an efficiency of over 99%.

The machines can be equipped with various stations that can be changed over quickly as they are easily docked and undocked using a lifting truck. This flexibility gives CDM greater future security, enabling it to react quickly and efficiently to new trends and dynamic market developments.

In addition, two Innofill Glass DPG ECO fillers proved especially convincing with “extremely low” TPO (total package oxygen) pickup values of 19 micrograms per liter and a low CO2 consumption of 150 grams per hectoliter have also been fitted. “

“With a turnover of around €300 million (US$322M) in 2021, the CDM brewery, largely owned by the AB InBev Group, is by far the largest local beer producer and market leader,” the company shares.

Along with its traditional beer brands 2M–brewed since 1950, the name of which is reminiscent of French president Patrice de MacMahon–and Laurentina–the first beer ever brewed in Mozambique in 1932–since 2011, CDM has also brewed Impala–one of the first commercial cassava crop beers in Africa.

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