USA – Celsius Holdings, manufacturer of global fitness drink brand Celsius has added Jackfruit flavor to its carbonated performance energy drink, Celsius Heat.

This latest flavor will be available in its new 16 oz Celsius Heat packaging can, delivering with a tropical flavor with a burst of sweetness and a tangy twist.

Celsius’ new carbonated performance energy drink line is packed with 2,000mg of L-citrulline and 300mg of caffeine, as well as the Celsius proprietary blend.

The company believes that the new standout packaging and label design position the brand as highly credible and sets the stage for the next phase of growth.

“Jackfruit is another great tasting option that further expands our line of flavors and we expect it will entice fans and new consumers alike,” said Celsius Holding Inc.’s CEO John Fieldly.

“It is the perfect way to launch our new 16 oz HEAT can packaging, which will appeal to a broader audience in the rapidly expanding performance energy category.

“Celsius Heat’s “Proven Performance” position provides tremendous opportunity to further capitalize on today’s health and wellness trends.

“As we continue to expand our Celsius Heat portfolio, we have seen increases in the number of flavors our channel partners carry which further increases sales velocities, penetration in the market and our presence in-store.”

Celsius currently offers four beverage lines that promote active and healthy lifestyles, and is considering to expand its product range alongside the growing market potential.

In September last year the company agreed to acquire functional food and beverages company Func Food Group Oyj for US$24.6 million.

Func Food is a Nordic wellness company that markets and distributes beverages, protein bars, supplements and superfoods under the brands, FAST Sports Nutrition, CocoVi and FitFarm.

Func Food represents a comprehensive portfolio of well-being products which promote active and, healthy lifestyles by investing in high-quality ingredients and best-in-class food and beverage expertise.

The combined business will take advantage of Func Food’s multi-market supply chain to drive expansion across Europe, while plans to add Func Food’s FAST Sports Nutrition line to the Celsius line will provide additional revenue streams.