Ceres Fruit Juices to launch new innovative packaging after US$6.25m investment

SOUTH AFRICA – Ceres Fruit Juices, South Africa’s innovative fruit-juice beverage brand owned by Pioneer Foods, is set to launch a new packaging for its 200ml juice to meet the changing demands and lifestyle of the consumers.

With an investment of R100m (US$6.25m) into the SIG Combismile, an on the go packaging solution, Ceres will launch the first of its kind packaging in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA).

The new carton has a curved, modern shape which is easy to grip, increasing the drinking comfort and convenience of consumers.

It is also re-closable with its innovative single-action spout having two straw hole sizes for both small and large footprints as well as different straw types.

“The easily recognisable package is designed to fit your lifestyle and is perfect to take with you wherever you go,” says Beverly Wilson, Marketing Manager at Pioneer Foods.

In addition to offering added value in convenience and differentiation, the new pack is made from sustainable plant-based packaging and hence is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions currently available.

This enables Ceres Fruit Juices to be committed to minimising and managing its environmental impact wherever possible as the packs are recyclable and the layered carton includes plastic and cardboard with an inner foil to prevent oxidation.

“While the packaging is new, you can be assured of the same quality product – a juice serving that is flavourful and delicious,” says Neethling.

“We are really excited to introduce the new packaging and offer our consumers something that is fresh, modern and in line with the superior craftsmanship they have come to expect from Ceres juices,” he added.

This new development comes on the back of the on-going acquisition of its parent company, Pioneer Foods by soft drink and food multinational giant PepsiCo for US$1.7bn (R25.52bn).

So far, the shareholders of Pioneer foods have backed the acquisition with the Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal giving it a green light.

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