AUSTRALIA – In a significant move that promises to reshape the Australian wine and spirits landscape, Cherubino Wines has officially announced its acquisition of the esteemed Margaret River Winemakers brand.

The acquisition, which has been in the works for over two decades according to Cherubino’s founders, ushers in a fresh era of collaboration and innovation within the Australian wine industry.

The cornerstone of this acquisition is the integration of Margaret River Winemakers’ 2,000-tonne facility, complete with warehousing, distillation capabilities, and a cellar door, into the Cherubino Wines portfolio.

This strategic addition bolsters Cherubino’s production capacity, allowing them to harness their vineyards and fruit resources for the creation of regional, estate-focused spirits.

Larry Cherubino, co-founder of Cherubino Wines, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating that the acquisition represents an incredible opportunity to establish the brand not only in terms of supply but also to greatly support production and marketing capabilities.

The merger will also see the rebranding of the spirits arm of Margaret River Winemakers, aligning it more closely with Cherubino’s ethos.

This alignment is poised to capitalize on Cherubino’s extensive vineyards and fruit resources, ensuring a seamless and high-quality production process from vine to bottle.

Cherubino Wines has rapidly gained global recognition for its commitment to excellence and sustainable practices.

With a newly appointed distribution partner in the UK (Hatch Mansfield), established relationships with Oatley Fine Wine Merchants in Australia, and a growing international clientele, the brand is poised to reach new heights with this acquisition.

Larry Cherubino expressed gratitude for the support from their partners and customers around the world.

“Our many partners and customers around the world have allowed us to make this important step with confidence, and we look forward to sharing more details of the project soon,” he said.

As part of the transition, the current wine facility and equipment will be meticulously moved to the new Margaret River facility over the next 12 months.

 This new space is sure to become a premier destination for those seeking to explore the essence of Cherubino Wines’ craftsmanship.

The acquisition of Margaret River Winemakers by Cherubino Wines marks a pivotal moment in the Australian wine and spirits industry.

The union of these two iconic brands promises to deliver a captivating blend of tradition and innovation, all underpinned by a shared commitment to exceptional quality. Wine aficionados and spirits enthusiasts alike can look forward to an exciting journey of discovery as Cherubino Wines sets its sights on a bright and fruitful future.


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