NIGERIA – CHI Limited, a major producer of juice brands in Nigeria has launched a new packaging for Chi Exotic fruit juice and Chivita Ice tea, introducing it in cans.

According to the company, the launch demonstrates the company’s continuous quest for innovation that meets the dynamic needs of Nigerian consumers.

The company says that the new Chi Exotic and Chivita Ice Tea 330ml Cans, targeting the youthful consumer segment is aimed to provide satisfaction and convenience on the go in line with changing lifestyle trends.

Speaking at the launch, the Managing Director of Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, said, “These innovative Cans for Chivita are modern, and reflect the individual style & personality of the consumer who desires to be seen carrying & drinking fruit juice from a can.”

With the new addition, the company is set to undertake a rigorous marketing campaign to expand its presence to more sales channels and outlets.

CHI is planning to launch an innovative communication campaign tagged “Chivita New Cool Cans’’ which will employ emojis that express the unique Nigerian diversity from a cool, and trendy perspective.

The campaign will be deployed across various platforms like TV, Radio, Out of Home, Digital and Print to generate awareness among consumers.

As a fast-moving consumer good company also involved in the dairy industry, CHI’s recent launch was introduction of Hollandia Lactose Free Easy to Digest Milk targeting lactose intolerant consumers.

The company has highlighted that the launch follows a research that showed majority of Nigerians are lactose intolerant and are unable to digest lactose present in milk.

The new milk aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle will enable lactose intolerant consumers to easily digest the milk sugar which causes stomach discomfort, bloating and stomach upsets to them.

Most consumers may not connect these symptoms with lactose intolerance since the awareness is low. But for those who are aware, stop taking milk thereby losing out on all the benefits of milk such as calcium, proteins and vitamins.

Chi is recognized in West Africa as an innovative, fast-growing leader in expanding beverage categories, including juices, value-added dairy and iced tea with a wide customer base.

The company is a fully owned subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company.