NIGERIA – CHI Limited, Nigeria’s fast-moving consumer good company has launched Hollandia Lactose Free Easy to Digest Milk targeting lactose intolerant consumers.

The juice and dairy company has highlighted that the launch follows a research that showed majority of Nigerians are lactose intolerant and are unable to digest lactose present in milk.

The new milk aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle will enable lactose intolerant consumers to easily digest the milk sugar which causes stomach discomfort, bloating and stomach upsets to them.

Most consumers may not connect these symptoms with lactose intolerance since the awareness is low. But for those who are aware, stop taking milk thereby losing out on all the benefits of milk such as calcium, proteins and vitamins.

CHI Limited’s Managing Director, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, stated that, “We are pleased to say that everyone can now enjoy the key nutrients found in milk that some would have otherwise missed out on.”

The product coming in a pink pack is available in 1Ltr pack size and can be purchased at Chi Shoppe, supermarkets & departmental stores, neighbourhood kiosks, and markets across Nigeria.

In September, Chi Limited, launched a new packaging design for its Hollandia Evaporated Milk brand featuring the nutritious benefits of the milk as well as other striking features to connect with consumers.

Earlier in the year the juice brands producer, launched ‘Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita’ aiming to deliver natural fruity refreshment at an affordable price and the 100 ml pack for its Capri-Sun brand seeking to meet an increasing consumer demand for more exciting and unique options.

This was followed by the full acquisition of the company by multinational soft beverage manufacturer, Coca-Cola Company to enhance its capacity building and business expansion.

Coca-Cola had first acquired a minority investment in Chi Limited in 2016 holding a 40% stake of the Tropical General Investments Group, the holding company for Chi Limited.

This acquisition signalled Coca-Cola’s optimism about Africa’s consumer opportunity and a commitment to its long-term investment and growth plan on the continent, where it has been present for more than 90 years.

Chi is recognized in West Africa as an innovative, fast-growing leader in expanding beverage categories, including juices, value-added dairy and iced tea with a wide customer base.