Chi Limited rebrands Chi Ice Tea to Chivita Ice Tea

NIGERIA – Chi Ltd, Nigeria’s juice and snack producer has changed the Chi Ice Tea brand to Chivita Ice Tea as a way to integrate it into mainstream beverage brand, Chivita.

The new brand comes in in a new product pack that is more aspirational, modern and trendy, with the promise of the same refreshing goodness, a ThisDay report indicates.

It has a new logo reflecting its new positioning under the Chivita Masterbrand, and features health benefits, product quality and consumer benefits.

The pack’s design has been designed with a top to bottom label that is bolder, visually disruptive and combines perfectly with colour pallet revealing images of fruits, premium natural tea leaves and tea flow.

It is expected that the new brand would energise the brand in the marketplace and endear Chivita Ice Tea to a growing number of consumers, who have embraced a tea drinking culture because of its antioxidant properties and vitamins which rejuvenate and invigorate the mind, as well as the body.

According to Marketing Director, CHI Limited, Mr Probal Bhattacharya, the overall objectives of developing a fresh visual identity for Chivita Ice Tea is essential not only to key the product into the Chivita Masterbrand, but also to reinforce its attribute for rejuvenation through more appealing visuals that evoke its refreshingly natural goodness.

“Chivita Ice Tea’s new pack design aims to communicate the brand’s core value of rejuvenation and natural refreshment with essential imageries that are attractive and differentiating.

We are confident that the new visual identity will appeal to loyal consumers and strike a chord with a new consumer base desirous of its tasty natural refreshment,” he said.

Chivita Ice Tea is made from premium natural tea leaves with delicious fruity flavours, available in two variants of Lemon and Peach in 1litre, 315ml and 150ml pack sizes.

The tea segment has seen significant investments from the world’s most iconic brands.

The world’s largest beverage company, Coca Cola which plans to acquire the remaining stake in Chi Ltd said that it was spending US$1 million in rebranding ice tea, something that will see it take its Fuze Tea brand to 37 countries in Europe.

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