NIGERIA – Chivita, a juice brand manufactured by Chi Ltd and the Sugar and Cholesterol Control Foundation (SACCOF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to initiate a campaign on health and wellness while creating awareness on health benefits of 100% fruit juice.

The partnership also aims at promoting research into sugar consumption and control.

For Chivita, this is a mile towards achieving ‘no-added sugar’ campaign goals which through its healthy substitute for raw fruits, Chivita 100% seeks to help Nigerian consumers derive the required nutritional content while consuming their favourite fruit juices.

The commitment is not only critical in correcting misconceptions about sugar consumption but also provides concepts on nutritional diet based on sugar requirements.

According to President of SACCOF, Ademola Adesoye who is also a food technologist, excess sugar intake without complementary active living, are likely causes of diabetes and associated diseases among many Nigerians.

He therefore recommended for the involvement of relevant stakeholders in the campaign as well as more investment in researches and public sensitization.

Deepanjay Roy, Managing Director, Chi Limited said the company was committed to support the Foundation’s research works and other initiatives aimed at educating Nigerians on healthy living.

“As a sustained initiative, we hope to support independent efforts by experts such as nutritionists and dieticians to show how fruit juice contributes to the health and well-being of consumers.

We will also create a sustainable discourse on the truth and science of 100% fruit juice and the No-added Sugar proposition,” he added.

Nutritious Chivita 100%

Chivita 100% is a 100% fruit juice is made from the flesh of fresh fruit or from whole fruit, depending on the type used and according to the company, it helps in lowering inflammation, with consumption related to beneficial effect on cardiovascular diseases.

Fruit juices contain simple sugars mostly fructose occurring in the intact structure of the respective raw fruits or vegetables, thereby making them very healthy and nutritional.

Based on extensive research carried out on Chivita 100% by SACCOF, the product was commendable for nutritional benefits as well as its production based on the company’s compliance to highest food safety standards, which are above industry regulatory requirements.