USA – Greek yoghurt leading processor Chobani has unveiled a new brand identity and launched new yogurts to commemorate ten years since it began national distribution, changing its visual identity with a new word-mark and packaging design to disrupt the yogurt category.

The brand also plans to introduce a trio of Limited Batch yogurts – cherry vanilla blended, mint chocolate chunk, and Flip Buttercrunch blast – as well as two Flip flavours with oats and cereals for mixing.

Chobani is rolling out its first-ever regional offering, Chobani with a Hint Of – a blended Greek yogurt available in five flavours: Madagascar vanilla cinnamon, wild blueberry, Monterey strawberry, Gili cheery and Alphonso mango.

“We make yogurt, but our business is wellness – for the fans who enjoy our products, to the communities we operate in,” said Chobani chief marketing and commercial officer Peter McGuinness.

“As we approached ten years as a national brand, we spent the past ten years focusing on the impact our company can and does have on communities across America, using food as a force for good.”

“That’s framing how we’re looking at the next decade, and our new packaging is the first glimpse into that. It’s a beautiful translation of our brand and our purpose that moves us closer to becoming a food-focused wellness company.”

Chobani unveiled a new slogan – fighting for Happily Ever After – which is shaping everything from the brand’s packaging, website and campaigns to its cafés.

The brand’s in-house creative team spent more than a year developing the evolved look and feel and the evolution aims to differentiate the brand at shelf and reflect the values of the company.

Chobani recently announced it would spend US$20 million to expand its Idaho yogurt plant, which will serve as the company’s global research and development centre.

Priced at US$1.49 per 5.3oz cup, a Hint Of will be available first in Pacific, Northeast and Florida markets, and expands to national US distribution in July 2018.