Chocolate maker Lindt & Sprüngli launches new bar sweetened using cocoa pod from Swiss-Ghanaian start-up Koa

GHANALindt & Sprüngli, a global leader in the premium chocolate sector has partnered with a Swiss-Ghanaian start-up Koa to develop a new chocolate bar sweetened using cocoa pod’s pulp.

The new chocolate known as Excellence Cacao Pur is exclusively made of 82% cocoa beans and 18% cocoa pulp from Koa.

The use of cocoa pulp replaces the conventional refined sugar and create new flavor experiences with the chocolate maker indicating that the bar has an initial fruity and sour taste, followed by intense cocoa notes.

“2021 will be the year of the cocoa fruit. Using the cocoa pulp is key to sustainable, healthy and delicious chocolate.”

Anian Schreiber – co-founder and managing director of Koa

Excellence Cacao Pur joins Lindt & Sprüngli’s Excellence line of 21 bars including orange intense, 100% cocoa, chilli, and lemon with a touch of ginger, reports Foodbev.

Koa, an organization that was formed with the aim to contribute to the sustainable growth of Ghana’s cocoa industry, has unveiled more value for the cocoa pod by processing the cocoa pulp which was previously used for fermentation in small quantities.

Koa has found an innovative way to gently process the cocoa fruit in close cooperation with 1,600 smallholders.

The start-up uses novel processing technology that is mobile, enabling then to extract the cocoa fruit juice in the center of the communities, next to the cocoa farms.

This is also made possible as the processing facilities are powered using solar energy.

The processing of the cocoa pulp has enabled the company launch a product know as Koa powder.

“2021 will be the year of the cocoa fruit. Using the cocoa pulp is key to sustainable, healthy and delicious chocolate,” says Anian Schreiber, co-founder and managing director of Koa.

According to Koa, the use of the cocoa pulp not only increases the income of smallholders by up to 30 percent, but it diversifies their income source and also reduces food waste by 40%.

By 2030, Koa wants to establish a partnership with 80,000 smallholders and sustainably transform cocoa farming.

Other leading manufacturers like Barry Callebaut have also explored the use of the entire cocoa fruit, producing new Cabosse Naturals brand that features a range of ingredients, showcasing the zesty taste and natural richness of cacao fruit.

Cabosse Naturals offers a range of 100% natural ingredients from the cacao fruit, including pulp, juice, concentrate and cascara (a fine flour made from the peel of the fruit).

These ingredients will allow brands, chefs and artisans to create a range of products including juices, smoothies, ice creams, fruit snacks, snack bars, dairy desserts and confectionery.

Nestlé Japan in 2019 launched the KitKat Chocolatory Cacao Fruit Chocolate, the first product to use a unique chocolate made entirely from the cocoa fruit.

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