DENMARK – Chr. Hansen has launched four new colour solutions for beverages, extending its existing range of CapColors and ColorFruit, in a bid to give beverage manufacturers better choices on colour, performance and costs.

The two new CapColors orange solutions utilize Chr. Hansen’s newest patented encapsulation technique to improve the functionality of the natural color in the final application.

According to the company, the new robust, transparent yellow Colorfruit emulsions offer a versatile color solution in both juice and non-juice based applications.

They also offer a strong natural alternative to dyes such as Tartrazine or Sunset Yellow, which are among the Southampton Six colours.

“At Chr. Hansen Natural Colors, it is our goal to help food & beverage manufacturers meet the increased demand from consumers for natural color ingredients.

This is true also in the beverage category, which has its own unique challenges with color when it comes to stability and performance.

With our patented encapsulation technique and state-of-the-art emulsion products, we are able to provide stable color solutions with high resistance to heat treatment and light exposure,” explained Jakob Dalmose Rasmussen, Global Marketing Director for Chr. Hansen Natural Colors.

The CapColors orange solutions also require that the final application contains a small amount of juice to stabilize the color and secure that full strength of the color is obtained.

“At the same time, our range of solutions provides manufacturers choice when it comes to cost and where on the journey to naturality they want their brand to be,” added Jakob.
Consumer preferences towards natural ingredients are on the move, according to a recent consumer study from FMCG Gurus, says Chr. Hansen

‘65% of consumers said they check product labeling for artificial colors sometimes or more often’.

These trends are also impacting the beverage category, where ‘30% of consumers said that natural color claims are important when it comes to beverage purchases’

“At Chr. Hansen we are determined to stay in the forefront of innovation in the beverage color market, providing the newest natural color possibilities. That is why we are delighted to launch these four new solutions,” stated Jakob.

According to Stine Kreutzmann, Technical Industry Manager at Chr. Hansen Natural Colors the four new colors are in liquid form and are easy for manufacturers to use.

They are high strength, versatile and robust, offering multiple shade nuances from deep orange to transparent yellow.

They are stable towards heat treatment and light exposure, and they do not create any neck ring in the final application.