DENMARK – The global bioscience company, Chr. Hansen has launched a new product, DVS WHITE FLORA, a series of three cultures that ensures rich and aromatic flavor notes in white cheese.

The new product also enhances more flexibility, consistent cheese quality and high yields in white cheese manufacturing.

According to Chr. Hansen, the white cheese is the fastest growing global cheese category with an average 5% annual growth in both emerging and developed economies and this is attributed to changing tastes and preferences.

Changing consumer lifestyles in addition to desire to explore new tastes and convenient formats such as sliced, cubed and crumbled white cheese are some of the factors influencing growth margin in this category.

Although the global cheese market is anticipated to exceed revenues worth US$100 billion by 2022, it is expected to grow at a sluggish rate with limited consumption especially among the obese population, reports FactMr.

But an unstoppable need for convenience food worldwide, shortage of time for making elaborate meals through conventional methods beats the health logic driving the adoption of packaged food items, along with easy & quick meal options.

As a result, cheese makers are opting for innovative criteria to keep up with the intense global cheese competition by improving both product quality and production efficiency.

“Cheesemakers are challenged to create appealing cheese while staying competitive,” says Jens Skytte Soerensen, Commercial Development Manager for white cheese at Chr. Hansen.

“They want to increase their efficiency and yield. With DVS WHITE FLORA, you secure high-quality white cheese that tastes delicious.

At the same time, you enjoy new flexibility as the culture can be used with both regular milk and milk concentrated by ultra-filtration.”

DVS WHITE FLORA creates complex flavors and delicious taste development during fermentation and consistent performance is ensured by use of strains carefully selected from 30,000 strains.

The three new culture systems achieve the same highly controlled acidification and have the same tolerance to salt and temperature.

Chr. Hansen holds a rich portfolio of cultures and enzymes that helps cheesemakers to secure product differentiation.

The company said they are spending more than 7% of their net sales value on R&D activities especially on innovation pipeline.