US – New Jersey-based refrigerated yogurt bar brand Clio Snacks has launched a line of reduced-sugar bars containing 100kcal per serving in a bid to tap new customers who prefer low sugar products.

Clio says that its new bars – which come in mixed berry and peach flavours – can be enjoyed as a guilt-free snack or as a ‘better-for-you’ dessert.

With its latest product offerings, which contain 1g of sugar and 8g of protein, Clio aims to tap into the group of yogurt consumers who are concerned about the amount of sugar in their favourite dairy drink.

“We are thrilled to launch our Less Sugar bars, allowing us to introduce Clio to new audiences, including diet-specific consumers who follow a keto lifestyle as well as those who are sugar and calorie conscious,” said Heather Cox, president at Clio Snacks.

Heather noted that consumers are increasingly looking for low- to no-sugar offerings and they were excited to deliver a reduced-sugar line that meets this need without compromising on taste or indulgence.

Clio Less Sugar bars are currently available for purchase at Walmart and via the company’s website.

The yogurt maker says that it also has plans to make the low-sugar yogurt line available in select grocery and natural stores in early 2021.

Clio is positioning itself as a functional snack bar that is indulgently better-for-you, aligning well with trends in the food space today.

The five-year-old company packs 8 to 9 grams of protein and a host of probiotics into each of its Greek yogurt bars, which is then wrapped in dark chocolate.

This combination has not only inspired growth courtesy of consumers looking for a bite of indulgence that is a little bit healthier, but it has also gained the confidence of investors.

Earlier this year, Clio raised US$8 million in a Series C funding round led by long-term investment partner Alliance Consumer Growth.

The company’s offering which falls under the refrigerated snacks is also increasingly becoming popular in the United States.

Mondelez, citing data from Mintel, said the refrigerated snacks segment generates US$20 billion in annual sales and represents one-third of the total U.S. snacking market.

Clio Snacks as a brand, doubled its sales over last year and saw 57% growth in distribution through expanding its current deals with Whole Foods, Target and Wegmans.

Apart from an increasing appetite for refrigerated snacks, what drives Clio Snacks’ growth is the fact that it straddles the line between snack food and better-for-you desserts.

Junk food with a health halo has gained popularity in recent years, with consumers looking for healthier, cleaner-label versions of familiar treats.

A study from the NPD Group showed that snack food consumption increased 8% in April as consumers stocked up primarily on frozen sweets along with salty snacks.

The introduction of a low-sugar yogurt bar line will further argument Clio Snacks position as a preferred healthy snack among consumers.

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