Clover Industries partners with FUTURELIFE to launch new nutritional dairy drink

SOUTH AFRICA – Clover Industries Limited, the branded foods and beverages group has partnered with the South Africa’s functional food company FUTURELIFE to introduce Smart Drink, a nutritional dairy product to add to its portfolio of functional drinks.

SMART DRINK is an enriched drink made of dairy and a combination of specialized starches (non-GMO), to resemble the taste and consistency of a drink made with Futurelife cereals and milk.

It is a nutritionally complete on-the-go dairy snack available in a ready-to-drink format in three delicious flavors that is, milky chocolate, Strawberry& Banana and Vanilla Caramel.

According to the company, it is high in energy and a good source of vitamins and minerals, low in cholesterol and provides you with a source of protein needed to keep you feeling healthy.

Smart Drink is a good source of nutrients including protein, low in fat and has 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins and 5 minerals.

Clover’s innovation in line with the product makes it a choice for convenience especially for customers on-the-go and those who are conscious of their health as it is a low GI product with added Novel fibres which assists in satiety, keeping one fuller for longer.

Prepared through UHT processing, it utilizes a range of ingredients including Skim Milk (cow’s milk), water, cream, sugar, polydextrose (E1200), whey powder, thickeners (E1442, E1440), buttermilk powder, cocoa (0.84%) among others.

“Everyone knows that a fast-paced lifestyle is made less manic when you add the benefit of convenience! That’s why Clover® chose to join forces with FUTURELIFE® to introduce Smart Drink™.

With the goodness of dairy and the formulated nutrition of FUTURELIFE® Cereals, you can enjoy a nutritious kick in a ready-to-drink format,” says a statement from the company’s website.

Clover produces and distributes a range of dairy and consumer products and operates through Dairy Fluids, Dairy Concentrated Products, Ingredients, Non-alcoholic Beverages, Fermented Products and Desserts, and Olive Oil & Soya segments.


It also operates a joint venture it formed with New Zealand dairy company Fonterra, Clover Fonterra Ingredients (Pty) Ltd mandated to handle the marketing of bulk dairy ingredients, mainly milk powder.

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