USA – The Coca-Cola Company has launched two new flavor variants of its Vitamin water range, products of innovation set to meet changing consumer tastes and preferences.

The two flavors, Vitaminwater Fire and Vitaminwater Ice are meant to excite consumers with a yearning for healthier lifestyles, offering 20 calories each and fortified with vitamins C and B.

Coca-Cola said Vitaminwater Fire brings the (mild) heat with a spicy watermelon lime taste featuring a touch of jalapeno and habanero flavors that create a slight tingling sensation, inspired by Hades’ 1,100-degree domain.

On the other hand, Vitaminwater Ice is said to offer a refreshing blast of blueberry and lavender that delivers a cooling effect reminiscent of the frozen tundra.

The two variants are set to hit stores nationwide this month and and in late-April.

“When Vitaminwater first launched in the early-2000s, the brand broke the monotony of bottled water with flavor, color, vitamins and fun,” said Natalia Suarez, associate brand manager, Vitaminwater.

“With Vitaminwater fire and ice, we continue to excite taste buds with original flavors and unexpected sensory experiences our fans want.”

The launch will be supported by fully integrated marketing program, including a TV commercial debuting in April and a robust in-store merchandising campaign.

The launch follows the Odwalla Smoobucha beverages, introduced in the United States earlier this month.

The new beverage line is said to blend the taste of smoothies with pasteurised kombucha and comes in three flavors including citrus and guava, berry and ginger, and apple and greens.

Each flavour contains 40% less sugar and fewer calories than top smoothie items.

In February, Coca-Cola launched ready-to-drink Simply Beverages smoothie line with an aim to offer shoppers an easy and convenient way to consume a healthy snack.

The range is made with not-from-concentrate juices/purees and natural flavours, free from artificial flavours and added preservatives.