SOUTH AFRICA – Coca-Cola Beverages Africa has announced that it is set to launch South Africa’s sparkling fruit juice Appletiser in the European market starting with Spain, with later introductions in Western Europe and the Americas.

Appletiser is a home-grown apple juice brand acquired by The Coca-Cola Company two years ago and has seen successful launches in the South African market.

According to Engineering News, Coca-Cola started by introducing over 20,000 presentation kits in Spain, the first big market for the brand outside South Africa.

Spanish Brand Manager Oscar González Ramirez said Appletiser was produced locally in Spain and they had partnered with Bilbao, a glass bottler to ensure the launch was successful.

“We knew from the start that we have a very unique beverage in Appletiser, with a strong proposition: 100% fruit juice, full of flavour, and ideal for non-alcoholic drinking occasions,” said Oscar.

The brand started in 1966 on a farm in Elgin Valley from a farmer’s vision of creating a lightly carbonated refreshing apple beverage and by combining ‘apple’ and ‘appetiser’.

The company expects the brand will win over the European market where lightness in alcohol content is gaining momentum in beverages as consumers continue to look for ways to eat and drink more healthily and reduce alcohol consumption.

“Appletiser has created its own niche between soft drinks and fruit juices bringing together the best of both in a unique proposition.

It is well known and loved as a premium adult beverage and indulgent treat,” said Andrea Shuttleworth, Head of Marketing for Appletiser to FoodIngredientsFirst.

“We do believe the need for non-alcoholic drinks will continue.

Appletiser has positioned itself as a unique natural alternative for adults to enjoy in social environments.

It has earned the right to play on occasions where alcohol is consumed.

The beverage has grown to become a global brand that consumers have come to recognize and love.”