USA – Coca-Cola a  global beverages manufacturer, has injected US$133 million into the dairy production industry in Mexico through its local subsidiary, Jugos del Valle-Santa Clara’s plant in Jalisco.

Co-funded by the Jalisco state government, the initiative is set to significantly increase milk processing and distribution capacity at a Jalisco-based dairy plant by a substantial 30%.

In addition, a portion of the funds will be allocated to expanding Jugos del Valle’s portfolio of juice and nectar drinks.

According to Juan Carlos Jaramillo, the General Director of Jugos del Valle-Santa Clara the investment has the potential to generate up to 350 in-house job opportunities and create the need for approximately 1,200 contract employees.

“We are going to achieve and generate well-being for the state and the country. Today we are celebrating an investment that we did not expect to achieve; US$133 million is a very significant amount of money,” Jaramillo stated.

“The allocated funds will also be utilized to advance production technology and provide training for the workforce.”

Additionally, he revealed that the company has laid plans to establish a program that fosters stronger collaboration with local milk producers, with the aim of bolstering the milk supply chain.

The Jalisco-based factory, which first opened its doors in 2019 with 80 employees and three production lines, has since expanded to employ 300 workers and operate eight production lines.

The Coca-Cola Company entered into a joint venture with Mexican bottling company Coca-Cola FEMSA to acquire Jugos del Valle back in 2007, consolidating its presence in the Mexican market.

Rodrigo Martínez, Non-Carbonated Drinks Manager at Coca-Cola Mexico, emphasized that this investment is in addition to the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance employment, sustainability, and both economic and environmental development in the Jalisco region.

He added that as the ambitious project takes shape, questions regarding the specific details of the facility and the nature of the new employment opportunities it will create, remains unanswered.

“This collaboration between Coca-Cola and its local subsidiary not only demonstrates a commitment to boosting dairy production but also holds the promise of economic growth and job creation for the Jalisco region, contributing positively to Mexico’s dairy and beverage industries,” Rodrigo stated.

In 2022, the subsidiary acquired Santa Clara, a prominent Mexican manufacturer of milk, ice cream, and dairy products.