Coca-Cola ditches shrink film secondary packaging for environmentally friendly alternative

AUSTRIA – Coca-Cola HBC has launched an innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solution for 1.5-litre Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite bottles in Austria, marking a groundbreaking step towards reducing plastic waste.

The packaging, known as LitePac Top, is the world’s first of its kind and offers a plastic-free alternative to traditional shrink-wrap packaging.

The LitePac Top packaging introduces a 100% recyclable cardboard carrier and paper wrap, making it easy for consumers to carry and recycle while also simplifying the stacking process for retailers.

This eco-friendly innovation is made to support the weight of a six-pack of 1.5-litre bottles, equivalent to approximately 9 kg.

Notably, the implementation of LitePac Top in Austria is expected to save around 200 tonnes of plastic annually and significantly reduce production energy costs.

This initiative could pave the way for the phasing out of plastic shrink wrap used for large and heavy multipack bottles.

Marcel Martin, Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer at Coca-Cola HBC emphasized the significance of LitePac Top as a milestone in the company’s journey toward sustainability.

“In 2022, our company was ranked as the world’s most sustainable beverage company for the sixth time. We are honoured by these accolades, which recognize our commitment to sustainability and the path we are carving in our industry,” Martin stated.

“However, we understand the immense task ahead of us in creating a more sustainable business, and we will continue to innovate, collaborate, and invest to deliver our drinks in sustainable ways.”

The development of LitePac Top was made possible through a robust international partnership involving Coca-Cola HBC, Krones, DS Smith, and Mondi.

Over three years of collaboration, these companies worked diligently to create the 100% recyclable cardboard carrier and paper wrap, as well as the necessary production equipment.

Before the official launch, the new packaging underwent extensive testing to ensure quality, consumer appeal, and ease of use when transporting the drinks home.

The successful outcome of this collaboration underscored the importance of cooperation and innovation in creating a more sustainable future.

LitePac Top is aligned with Coca-Cola HBC’s commitment to achieving its “NetZeroBy40” goal, reflecting its dedication to reducing its environmental footprint and advancing sustainability efforts.

The company’s track record of high sustainability ratings from various global benchmarks, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and MSCI ESG Ratings, highlights its consistent focus on environmental responsibility.

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