Coca-Cola India expands its zero-sugar range with a new No Sugar Variant

INDIACoca-Cola India has announced the launch of Thums Up Charged No Sugar, a new no sugar home-grown brand that the company says does not compromise on either taste or flavor.

The flavor promotes moderation and offers customers a variety to choose from, that is regular, low-sugar and no-sugar options.

The company said it was committed to strategic evolution to become a total beverage company by offering innovative and localized beverage choices to consumers.

The launch of Thums Up Charged No Sugar expands on its zero sugar portfolio and demonstrates its efforts in addressing changes in consumer tastes and preferences especially those shifting from sugar intake towards healthy living.

It also delivers on its sugar reduction strategy across all products, including in colas, juices and entering ethnic carbonated drinks.

On reducing sugar content, the company announced last year that they were embarking on a programme to reduce sugar, with possible use of stevia, a natural sweetener to achieve global sugar standards.

“We are now eager to take the iconicity of this brand to the next level with Thums Up Charged No Sugar and recruit more consumers in our journey to make Thums Up the first home-grown billion-dollar beverage brand.

The no-sugar, no-calorie variant is aimed at consumers who want to balance their sugar intake and enjoy their favorite drink as well.

Additionally, we are supporting the brand by going beyond the traditional marketing practices and directly engaging with the consumers through interactive platforms and innovative formats,” said Vijay Parasuraman, Vice President-Marketing at Coca-Cola India & South West Asia.

To promote the brand, Coca-Cola India has unveiled a marketing campaign including TV commercials, along with promotions on the brand’s social media.

Coca-Cola launched its flagship low calorie drink, Coca-Cola Zero or Coke Zero in 2014, and the range has been received well in the market as consumers resolve for less sugar in the diet.

The beverage industry also saw Coca-Cola’s rival PepsiCo launch its ‘zero’ beverage portfolio including Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Black.

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