INDIA – World’s beverages giant Coca-Cola has launched grape based sparkling drink called Colour, expanding its Minute Maid product range in India and take on local players.

The TN-focused grape drink targets local consumers who are always seeking a fizzy and refreshing drink in the regional market.

The drink is made from grapes sourced locally from farmers based in South of India and is part of Coca Cola’s ‘fruit circular economy’ strategy which helps local farmers with stable demand.

According to T Krishnakumar, president, Coca-Cola India, the new product was developed based on local preferences and targets to meet the demand for healthy and nutritious products.

Available in a 250ml

pet bottle, priced at

Rs 35 and has fruit

content of 12%

The name Colour, was arrived at from local notions, in that people from Tamil Nadu towns and villages used to call soft drink ‘Colour’.

“The new grape juice based Colour is launched here and will be focused on Tamilian population within India.

The product is part of our strategy of expanding our fruit based beverages,” said T. Krishnakumar.

Fruit circular economy

Under Coca-Cola’s Fruit Circular Economy programme, the company is expanding its product range apart from its core carbonated soft drinks brand.

It concentrates on launching fruit based drinks made with domestically grown fruits and preferred in the regional markets.

In line with this, T Krishnakumar said the company would launch a new product in Andhra Pradesh that would be branded under a similar philosophy.

In India, Coca-Cola counts on Minute Maid as its fast growing fruit category, and growing the portfolio grants it an opportunity to tap on the promising local niche.

“We are expanding the products under the Minute Maid brand. The new product has 12 per cent grape juice content,” Krishnakumar said.

The company indicated that it is reducing the sugar content in its sparkling drinks starting with Colour which will have 9.5 grams.

Colour is initially being made available in a 250 ml pet bottle, priced at US$0.35 (Rs 35), and has fruit content of 12%.

The brand is also rolling out a new ad campaign featuring brand ambassador Keerthy Suresh.

To strengthen its commitment to local communities, Coca Cola said it has committed US$704.37 million (Rs 5,000 crore) in sourcing fruit pulp/products locally under the fruit circular economy strategy.