USA – The Coca-Cola Company has unveiled three new flavored sparkling variants to expand its Smartwater line in the US.

The new flavored smartwater offerings are sparkling strawberry-blood orange, fuji apple-pear and raspberry-rose and are set to hit stores in select cities this week.

The company said the new variants were developed following extensive consumer research and taste-testing even as the brand continues to push for innovation to drive growth.

Lauren Freedman, smartwater brand manager, said the team wanted its first foray into flavors to be exotic and unexpected, all while staying true to its premium hydration proposition and superior taste.

“Fans – especially Millennials expect smartwater to be creative, so we knew we needed combinations that would be unique and differentiated, yet approachable,” Freedman said.

“We started with more than 20 options and are extremely proud of these three delicious flavors debuting this week.”

The flavors will be sold initially in half-liter bottles (singles and six-packs) in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

They will also be available online during the summer and the launch will be supported by social/digital, outdoor and in-store advertising under the smartwater “that’s pretty smart” campaign.

The addition addresses the growing thirst for sparkling waters among the Americans.

According to the company, flavors accounted for 89% of the revenue growth of Coca-Cola North America’s sparkling water portfolio, which also includes DASANI Sparkling and Topo Chico.

Coca-Cola North America expanded its range of bottled water brands in the US by acquiring the premium sparkling water brand Topo Chico.

“Now is the right time for smartwater to tap into this fast-growing category,” said Shannon Richmond, group director, smartwater.

“We see an opportunity for the brand to be part of more moments and occasions throughout the day. For all-day hydration, there’s smartwater (still).

For meals and entertaining, we have smartwater sparkling and now these exciting new flavors.

And for those looking for an active hydration or wellbeing boost, the new smartwater alkaline (ionized for a 9+ pH) and smartwater antioxidant (infused with selenium) provide great options.”

The company said it will be rolling out alkaline and smartwater antioxidant nationally following a limited launch last fall on the West Coast.

The company’s sparkling water business which includes DASANI Sparkling, smartwater sparkling and Topo Chico in the U.S. was up 19%.