KENYA – Nairobi Bottlers, subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverage Africa has unveiled a new packaging for its water brand Dasani Water, by removing the sleeve on the cap.

The move follows the introduction of digital Excisable Goods Management Stamps (EGMS) on non-alcoholic beverages by the Kenya Revenue Authority last year aimed to enhance compliance, fight against counterfeits and boost the authority’s revenue collection.

Kenya Revenue Authority started a crackdown on packers and dealers in bottled water, juices, energy drinks, soda and other non-alcoholic drinks to enforce EGMS compliance, since February 1,2020.

All products imported into Kenya or manufactured from November 13, 2019 must be affixed with the excise duty stamp.

“With the introduction of digital Excisable Goods Management Stamps (EGMS), we will be able to manage counterfeits and maintain the same quality standards,” stated Victor Getenya, Sales & Market Execution Director, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa – Nairobi Bottlers.

This change will affect the 500ml, 1L, Dasani Still, Dasani Sparkling and Lemon/ Lime Flavours.

According to the bottler, one of the ways to ensure the contents in the new non-sleeve package is safe and not a counterfeit is by noticing the click sound while opening thus the tag line, “If it clicks, it’s safe!” by the company.

Globally, the Coca-Cola Company started rolling out a new pipeline of sustainable packaging innovations for Dasani in a move to promote a more circular economy.

The beverage company started selling Dasani Water in aluminium cans in the U.S. Northeast since September last year, with plans to expand the product to other parts of the country in 2020.

In addition to that they introduced a new hybrid bottle made with up to 50% recycled plastic and renewable, plant-based materials.

The company also expanded its package-less, bring-your-own-bottle PureFill vending machines, which dispense water to customers who provide their own container.