TANZANIA – Coca-Cola Kwanza (CCK) is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA), has partnered with Oryx Energies Gas Tanzania and the Institute of Social Work to launch the latest edition of the famous youth economic inclusion program, dubbed Chipsika Kiajira na Coke.

In this year’s program, the partners plan to support over 1,100 youth, including people with disabilities. In the first phase, over 400 youth dealing with the famous Chipsi business in the streets of Dar es Salaam will be provided with the necessary tools of trade and knowledge to upskill their business practices.

CCK will provide tools that include a gas stove, gas cylinder, food cabinet, cooler, branded chairs, and tables.

Meanwhile, the company, in partnership with the Institute of Social Work, will also be continuing the women’s food vendors support program that was started in 2021.

The program helps women to receive business training and equipment aimed at helping them to grow their enterprises and increase their income.

CCK will provide training in business skills, entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, and capital growth, as well as 100 gas cylinders and two-plate stoves, drinks coolers, and customer benches along with 300 branded aprons and t-shirts.

CCK has committed to empowering more than 1,100 women across its value chain by the end of 2023 as part of an economic inclusion initiative called Mwanamke Shujaa, which means “A Brave Woman”, to support women to take their rightful place in the economy.

“We aim to create greater shared opportunity for the business and the communities we serve across the value chain. Opportunity is more than just money, it’s about a better future for people and their communities everywhere on the African continent,” said CCK MD Unguu Sulay.

“We aim to create inclusive growth opportunities for women, youth, and people with disabilities by defining a consistent way of implementing economic inclusion programs, drawing on leading practice for implementing our programs. Whether donating money, our time, or our expertise, we take our responsibility to the communities we call home seriously.”

In March, more than 300 women food vendors from the Dar es Salaam Region took their businesses to the next level with the support of Coca-Cola Kwanza.

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