TANZANIA – The Coca-Cola Kwanza company, manufacturer and distributor of Coca-Cola products in the Tanzania, has launched Minute Maid Delight in the country, joining the Minute Maid juice family comprised of Mango, Tropical and Apple flavours.

The new product, coming in a distinctive 400ml and one litre pet shaped bottles can be consumed throughout the day from breakfast to dinner time.

The launch of the new beverage drink is aimed at diversifying the company’s portfolio that drives Coca-Cola’s evolution to become a complete beverage company targeting the fast-growing domestic juice market.

 “Every year, The Coca-Cola Company launches hundreds of new products to meet the ever-changing tastes of consumers around the world. In Tanzania we also strive to provide our consumers various choices in the products that we offer,” said Coca-Cola Kwanza Managing Director, Basil Gadzios.

“Therefore, in Minute Maid Delight, we have a strong product that is different from anything currently in the market and one that each sip is packed with an experience that gives you a mouth-watering combination of complete refreshment,” he added.

According to Coca-Cola Kwanza’s Senior Brand Manager, Kabula Nshimo, the company is guided by its passion for consumers when coming up with new products hence listens carefully, pay thoughtful attention to understand them and learn what they care about most.

“We then turn that listening into a portfolio of irresistible drinks that make life’s everyday moments more meaningful and enjoyable,” she stated.

Coca-Cola will support the launch of Minute Maid Delight with a nationwide marketing campaign that will feature radio, billboards, and consumer sampling activities and will be available in the market and outlets across the country this month.

Earlier this year the beverage firm launched, lemon-flavored Schweppes + C, rich in vitamin C and low sugar drink in the Tanzanian market as a response to the changing consumer needs who opted for healthier drinks.