Coca-Cola launches clear, calorie-free beverage in Japan

JAPAN – Coca-Cola Japan, has released a clear, zero-calorie beverage in Japan, which had initially created the concept to appeal to Japanese consumers who desire new, innovative beverages during summer, and the drink was developed over the course of a year at Coca-Cola’s US headquarters.

According to FoodBev, the drink does not feature the caramel flavourings which create the iconic black/brown colour of traditional Coca-Cola beverages, as the ingredient could not be used for a transparent drink.

Coca-Cola said that over 50 different recipes were trialled before the final Coca-Cola Clear recipe was formulated, and the addition of lemon juice allowed the creation of a zero-calorie drink that was able to balance sweetness and sourness to create the ideal taste.

The drink is also packaged in 500ml and 280ml transparent bottles with a transparent label, in order to highlight that the new beverage is completely clear.

This new launch is the latest innovation introduced to the country by Coca-Cola, following the introduction of the company’s first-ever alcoholic drink last month, as well as the release of Coca-Cola Frozen pouches and Coca-Cola Peach earlier this year.

BusinessInsider said that the new version of Coca-Cola looks more like water than the recognizable dark-brown liquid that has been synonymous with the carbonated soft drink for decades, and “Coca-Cola Clear” is a zero-calorie lemon-flavoured drink, according to the company.

Coca-Cola Clear was released in Japan but there is no word yet about whether you can find it anywhere else in the world.

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