Coca-Cola launches lemon-flavoured Schweppes + C in Tanzanian Market

TANZANIA – The Coca-Cola Kwanza company, manufacturer and distributor of Coca-Cola products in the Tanzania, has launched a new lemon-flavoured Schweppes + C into its product portfolio in the country.

The soft drink manufacturer said that the vitamin rich and low sugar drink was introduced as a response to the changing consumer needs who opt healthier drinks.

The beverage firm said that the new variant will also enable the company maintain and increase its market share, reports Daily News.

Speaking during the launch, Mr Basil Godzios, Coca-Cola Managing Director, said the beverage company has invested heavily in innovation and diversification of their soft drink products with a view to reach a dynamic market in Tanzania.

“We are delighted to add a new variant to this category of beverages in a bid to meet our consumers’ needs.

Schweppes + C with Lemon brings a new lemon experience with a touch of Vitamin C will enchant the palate,” he said.  

Josephine Msalilwa, Marketing and Sales Director at Coca-Cola Kwanza Company, added that apart from being nutritious, the drink also offers consumers with a refreshing and quenching feeling.

“Soft drinkers are changing, apart from refreshing and quench their thirsty, they want to add something potential in their bodies.

This is a new year gift to our esteemed customers. We have responded to their needs by introducing Schweppes… it will be produced in the country hence more job opportunities are going to be produced,” she added.

This drink is well blended to give the consumer a refreshing lemon juice feeling,” he said.

Mr Godzios said that the company will continue investing in the sector to ensure its product meets the ever-changing demands and preferences.

Coca-Cola launched the lemon-flavoured carbonated drink in the Kenyan market in July 2018 which is locally bottled by the Coca-Cola Beverages Africa-Kenya (CCBA) plant.

The company has been banking on innovation and diversification of its soft drinks products in diversifying into fresh juices, iced teas and sports drinks as part of its strategy of introducing reduced sugar content beverages across the markets.

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