NIGERIA – Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), the sole bottler of Coca-Cola products in Nigeria has announced a commitment to use an average of 50% recycled content in its bottled drinks packaging by 2030.

According to NBC Legal, Public Affairs and Communications Director Sade Morgan, the company was also working on developing plant-based resins, and reducing the plastics used in packaging.

Through investments in sustainability, Coca-Cola is seeking to enhance customer satisfaction by improving on the quality and standards of its products to meet their target.

This is a further dedication towards the health of its customers, a major priority for the company which has also taken initiatives to produce hygienic beverages for healthy consumption.

NBC said it will continue to invest in the sector to ensure sustainable development, economic growth, boosting education and youth employment.

The announcement echoes The Coca-Cola Company’s ‘World Without Waste’ initiative that aims to collect and recycle the bottle or can for each one sold by 2030 in a move to reshaping its approach to packaging.

Taming competition through expansion

With the rising demand for innovative products, new firms in the carbonated soft drinks industry (CSDs) are sprouting to take advantage of the changing tastes and preferences.

And with such initiatives NBC is positioning itself at a better competitive position to woo consumers.

“Competition makes everyone in the industry to be more creative, maintain high standards and afford the consumer with a wide range of choice,” said Morgan.

“We have been watching what is happening and I can assure you that we have a lot of activities lined up.

We have many products positioned in various ways to ensure that all our consumers have something. Every category of our consumers are really well served.”

Some of their engagements include efforts to weather the challenge of the insurgency in the North and ensuring a strong presence through its nine manufacturing facilities spread across the country.

Expansion plans include investing US$600 million by 2020 aimed at expanding its product offerings to include flavoured and condensed milk, ice tea and bottled water.

In 2016, Coca-Cola acquired an initial 40% stake in Nigeria’s dairy and beverages producer Chi Limited.