UK – Coca-Cola is set to spend US$11.75 million towards the re-launch of Schweppes tonic range in the UK as part of a fight-back against posh new entrants to the tonic market such as Fever-Tree and Fentimans.

The drinks company is re-launching the Schweppes tonic range with newly designed bottles and will spend US$ 11.75 million on a marketing campaign that will include sponsorship of ITV’s prime time Jonathan Ross show.

As much as Schweppes remains the leader in tonic market, with a 27% share in the market, Coca Cola’s UK managing director Jon Woods told Business Insider that the brand has “not captured our full share of the growth that’s been happening in the mixer market.”

“One of the great things about competition is it forces you to look at your own business and decide how you could be better,” Woods told Business Insider.

“We’ve taken a while, watched the market to see how it’s developed, talked to consumers to see what they want, and we’ve come up with a really fantastic approach for a re-launch of Schweppes.”

“I think it’s a response to a premiumisation of the category and there are a number of brands in the category which have come along in recent years and started to do that.

We need to make sure that Schweppes stays relevant and premium. I wouldn’t say it’s a response to any individual competitor or any individual activity,” he said, when asked if the new products were driven by Fever-Tree.

“Schweppes is an iconic brand with a strong British heritage, and 2017 marks a new chapter in the brand’s long and impressive history.

Our new signature shaped skittle bottle will provide a premium exterior to the popular liquid and effervescence bottled inside”, said Coca-Cola European Partners GB customer marketing director Simon Harrison.

“Our new Schweppes 1783 range combines the perfect carbonation and balanced taste of Schweppes with natural ingredients and unique flavours.

We have taken the time to seek guidance from mixologists and drinks experts to create this distinguished range of mixers that will appeal to new age of mixer drinkers that are keen to discover new taste combinations.”

“In short, the last quarter of 2017 is going to be massive for the Schweppes brand.

The new look of Schweppes Classic, arrival of Schweppes 1783 and the unprecedented marketing support will continue to energise one of GB’s most loved soft drink brands in a year whereby we’re celebrating 225 years since Jacob Schweppes first came to London with his bottled bubbles.”