SPAIN – The world’s largest soft-drink manufacturer, Coca-Cola has re-introduced Nordic Mist mixer range with the launch of a new soft drink line in Spain, featuring a new recipe and packaging.

Nordic Mist Fruits soft drinks is said to be low in calories, designed for Spanish tastes and are available in four flavors: lemon with elderflower, tropical with passion fruit, orange with kumquat, and lime with mint.

The Nordic Mist mixers line features reformulated recipe of the original tonic variant and two new flavours have been added: rosé and ginger ale.

While the rosé mixer is said to have a balanced, sweet flavour, the ginger ale variant has hints of citrus and ginger.

“We haven’t used formulas used in other markets of The Coca-Cola Company, we have created each variety according to the tastes of Spanish consumers,” said Nordic Mist brand manager Cristina Saura.

“Nordic Mist arrived in Spain in 2000 and we want to celebrate its coming of age with a relaunch after listening, once again, to consumers.

“On the one hand, they demand innovative products in the world of mixers and, on the other, when socialising they didn’t have any interesting alternatives to the drinks that are usually consumed without mixing.

They felt there was a lack of variety, hence the birth of Nordic Mist Fruits.”

According to her, the relaunch of the brand will be accompanied by new Nordic Mist packaging designs to be more attractive and modern.

The relaunch forms part of the Coca-Cola Company’s strategy of becoming a ‘total beverage company’ to address the changing tastes and preferences for more innovative and wellness drinks.

Nordic Mist, a low sugar offering is in line with the company’s goal of cutting sugar content in most of its beverages.