SOUTH AFRICA – Coca-Cola Company has called on customers to be vigilant and report any counterfeit Coca-Cola products even as the government continues to rid the market of the expired and possibly products.

Coca-Cola said there have been recent reports of counterfeit Coca-Cola products appearing in South Africa, reports ANA.

According to the soft drinks giant, all the ingredients and methods used in the manufacturing process of their beverages comply with the health and safety regulations of South Africa.

“Coca-Cola takes every consumer concern seriously and we have procedures in place designed to respond to any matter relating to our products.

To date, there has been no official contact made to us by any consumer who has bought such products,” Coca-Cola said.

“We are tracking online concerns and urge any person who has had any product that they believe might have been compromised, to immediately report it to our customer care line on 0860 11 2526 so we can investigate the matter.”

War on counterfeit

This came after authorities destroyed counterfeit goods and expired food from spaza shops mostly owned by foreign nationals.

Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi’s spokesperson Popo Maja said there were rising concerns of foodstuffs described as fake as well as harmful food colourants in some goods.

Maja said the foodstuff included fake 1.25-litre Coca-Cola bottles with “moving things” inside, 1.25-litre bottles of imitation Fanta Grape, Stoney Ginger Beer with no size indicated, a suspicious Fanta Orange 1.25 litre, Twist Granadilla 2 litres and tonic water 1 litre, Albany brown bread and Blue Band margarine, syrup being sold as honey and baked beans in a fish tin.

According to National Consumer Commission (NCC) spokesperson Trevor Hattingh, consumers have a responsibility to report such issues relating to fake and sub-standard products.

“That’s actually what we would want them to do, to come and report these issues to us,” said Hattingh.

“It’s not going to be that effective to start your own social media campaign and next thing you have vigilante enforcement out there in society.

That’s not what we want.”