GLOBAL – Beverage giant, Coca-Cola has struck a deal with management consultancy firm Bain & Co. to explore the use of OpenAI tools, including systems ChatGPT, DALL·E, and Codex, in its marketing and digital communications.

The US-headquartered Bain & Co. has implemented OpenAI into its operations and is now offering its clients assistance in integrating the technology.

Announcing its new intentions, Coca-Cola Co. said it saw opportunities to enhance its marketing efforts through AI, as well as “exploring ways to improve” its business operations and capabilities.

CEO James Quincey said: “We are excited to unleash the next generation of creativity offered by this rapidly emerging technology. We see opportunities to enhance our marketing through cutting-edge AI, along with exploring ways to improve our business operations and capabilities.”

Coke is the first company to sign on to Bain and OpenAI’s new partnership, and although there is no further explanation on how the companies will employ the tools in marketing and digital communications.

OpenAI’s technologies have surfaced to become a futuristic model of elevating the usual manner in which research, and even communication, could be undertaken, proving to be somehow efficient and reliable.

In the scenario, while ChatGPT, the firm’s AI chatbot, can answer questions and respond to prompts in a way that mimics human conversation, DALL·E generates images based on user prompts of a collection of words or a phrase. Codex translates written instructions into code.

In a statement provided to The Grocer, a British food news site, Coke CFO and president John Murphy commented: “We have a couple of really interesting cases with the marketing team to enhance the work that we’re already doing with our new marketing model, and to be able to marry the ability to deliver creative content at speed and to do it with exponential efficiency.”

Bain & Co. described The Coca-Cola Co.’s plans for the OpenAI technology as “the most ambitious we have seen of any consumer products company,” without disclosing details.

This is not the first time Coca-Cola has gotten into the AI game. Back in 2017, Coca-Cola also announced that it was going to start using “AI-powered” vending machines as part of its artificial intelligence-centered business strategy that uses algorithms to determine which flavors are performing best and other key metrics.

Other brands that have also been using OpenAI and equivalents to generate creative include the Martini, which used Midjourney to come up with sense- and ingredient-inspired visuals for a campaign in January, according to the Drum news site.

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