USA – Coca-Cola has unveiled plans of introducing the Coke branded Coca-Cola Energy drink – the first energy drink under the Coca-Cola brand – in the US market.

Coca-Cola plans to introduce the energy drink in four variants; Coke Energy, Zero Sugar, Cherry and Zero Sugar Cherry flavors at the beginning of next year.

The company announced in March this year that it will be launching the Coke Energy in 20 countries by the end of 2019. The drink has already launched in 25 countries including Great Britain, Spain and Germany.

“As a total beverage company, we’re constantly looking for ways to evolve our portfolio and bring people the drinks they want — in a range of categories and package options,” brand director Janki Gambhir said in a statement.

“Coca-Cola Energy was developed by listening to people who told us they wanted an energy drink that tastes more like Coca-Cola than a traditional energy drink.”

The drink includes 114 mg of caffeine per 12-ounce serving and contains naturally sourced caffeine, guarana extracts and B vitamins. Coca-Cola notes that Zero Sugar flavors are important since about 80% of the energy category is full-calorie options.

“We’re confident that our zero-calorie options — and our inclusive brand — will appeal to an even broader audience,” Gambhir said.

According to Gambhir, these new Coca-Cola variations have sparked enthusiasm for the brand more generally. In Spain, the first market to launch Coke Energy, the drink had managed to capture a 2% share of the energy category as of July.

“The category is exploding at the moment without Coca-Cola being in it,” Gambhir says as the company seeks to step up in the energy drink category. Previously, Coca-Cola’s involvement in the category has primarily been through Monster Energy.

Amid the declining soda market across the US, soft drink manufactures have been eyeing the booming energy drink market. According to Nielsen data, sales of energy drinks increased 11.2% in the 52 weeks ending September 24, going from $11 billion to $12.2 billion.

Coca-Cola has also been pushing the boundaries for what brands fit under the Coca-Cola umbrella over the last few years as the company seeks to expand into other categories accommodating a broader product portfolio.

The company also said it will be rolling out a limited-edition Coca-Cola Cinnamon flavor this fall, and launch Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla and its zero-calorie option next year.