Coca-cola unveils first global campaign in 5 years to recapture interest of consumers

USA – Atlanta-based multinational beverage company Coca-Cola has launched its first global campaign in five years with the hope of recapturing the interest of consumers recovering from a pandemic. 

Dubbed “Real Magic”, the new campaign refreshes the brand’s trademark promise – to unite and uplift people every day – with renewed relevance for the world we live in today.  


“The platform is built from lessons of the last 18 months: that we can find magic all around us when we come together in unexpected moments that elevate the everyday into the extraordinary,” Coca-Cola said in a statement. 

From the onset, the new marketing campaign appears to be targeted at GenZ consumers whose ages range between 10 and 24 and perceived to be tech-savvy. 

It’s therefore not surprising that the company has heavily leaned on gaming in the new campaign debuting a short film where a furious World of Warcraft-style esports battle is underway until one of the contestants cracks open a bottle of Coke.  

After the player’s first sip, the menacing Orc in the game is overcome with feeling, throws his battle axe to the ground, and in a gesture of goodwill, helps his opponent up.  


Viewers from across the globe are astounded as suddenly there is peace in the gaming universe. “We are one Coke away from each other” proclaims the ad copy.    

Coca-Cola says that the “One Coke Away From Each Other” is a metaphor that speaks to the belief that what unites us is greater than what sets us apart and celebrates our common humanity. 

The company partnered with Twitch and the three gaming influencers featured in the ad: Alan Walker, Ariel Powers and Average Jonas to launch the campaign that premiered in September. 

It also includes Easter eggs within the ad where consumers can find hidden codes in order to win prizes in what Coke is calling one of Twitch’s biggest ever prize pools. 

Coke has also promised to lean into other emerging channels in hope of luring more Gen Z drinkers as well as other audiences. 


Cola wars shift to the zero-sugar platform 

Meanwhile, the cola wars seem to have shifted to the zero-sugar platform with Coca-Cola coming under pressure from PepsiCo over its advert asking consumers whether Coke Zero is the best cola ever. 

PepsiCo an aggressive rebuttal claimed that social media users were not satisfied with Coca-Cola and promised a refund to every customer who purchased Pepsi Zero sugar. 

“We believe that Pepsi Zero Sugar is the perfect match for zero cola drinkers who are unwilling to compromise on taste,” says Todd Kaplan, vice-president of marketing, Pepsi. 

 “For those who are willing to give us a shot, their Pepsi Zero Sugar will be on us – as we’re confident they’ll stick with us for life … our hearts ache for those whose zero-sugar cola of choice seems to have a bit of a commitment problem.” 

Coke Zero Sugar which currently controls 3.5% of the cola category saw sales grow 13% in the first half of the year, making it the seventh best-selling soda in the US. 

Pepsi’s zero-sugar version which only controls a meager 0.8% of the segment grew 22% during the same period and Pepsi hopes that by starting another cola-war it may be able to broaden its consumer base.  

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