ASIA – Coca-Cola has introduced a limited edition zero sugar version inspired by the Korean wave, known as K-wave, aiming to capture the essence of the excitement that comes with being a K-Pop fan.  

The beverage giant described the new flavor as “infused with a burst of fruity-flavored K-Pop magic.” 

The limited-edition Coca-Cola Zero Sugar K-Wave Specialty Box will be available in 36 countries, including Korea, Japan, France, and Singapore.  

This special box includes four cans with unique fruity flavors, a 3D sticker pack, and exclusive streaming access to the Coca-Cola K-Wave concert in Incheon, according to the company. 

In collaboration with JYP Entertainment, Coca-Cola commemorated the launch by unveiling special songs and music videos featuring popular K-pop stars like ITZY and NMIXX.  

The K-wave edition was introduced through Coca-Cola’s innovation platform, Coca-Cola Creations, which was established in 2022 to bring unique, limited-time flavors to consumers and enhance Coca-Cola’s image as a lifestyle brand through merchandise and virtual experiences. 

Kwon Jung-hyun, a brand manager at Coca-Cola Korea overseeing marketing in Korea and Japan, emphasized, “Our limited-edition product will provide innovative experiences to our fans who have a craving for K-pop. 

He added, “The special edition product will also shed new light on K-pop’s influence on other cultures.” 

To enhance the visual experience, the limited-edition cans feature an energetic font, displaying both Coca-Cola’s English logo and its Korean language counterpart.  

The dynamic design aims to immerse customers in a vivid concert scene featuring K-pop artists, further emphasizing the cultural impact of the genre. 

Recently, Coca-Cola expanded its North American portfolio with the addition of Coca-Cola spiced. The innovative addition promises to transform the classic Coca-Cola experience by infusing it with raspberry and spiced flavors, offering a bold taste sensation.  

The new offering is available in two varieties; Coca-Cola Spiced and Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar. 

“Coca-Cola Spiced is not spicy but is Coke’s boldest tasting brand innovation yet, providing an uplifting taste experience unlike any other.

Instead, it promises an extraordinary combination of familiar Coca-Cola taste with an added burst of raspberry and spiced notes, providing a unique and uplifting flavor experience,” said the company.   


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