NIGERIA – Dolait Yoghurt, a brand well known to citizens of neigbouring West African countries such as Cameroun, Benin Republic and others has formally been introduced to the Nigerian market.

The General Manager of Sotibe Nigeria Limited, the company behind Dolait, Mr. Monah Chalabi said, that the brand is a natural and heathy yoghurt drink which had consistently served other African countries for years without compromising quality.

“Dolait Yoghurt has been the favorite of Camerounians and some other African countries for 16 years, giving the yarning populace a healthy product with nutritional values.

Our organization also has a factory in Cotonou, Benin Republic that serves both the Benin Republic community and the Nigeria market.”

Mr. Chalabi noted that “Dolait yoghurt has existed in Nigeria since 2016 and we thought this is the right time to formally launch our tasty and nutritious product to Nigerians at a pocket-friendly price,”

Speaking further about the brand, the GM said that Dolait yoghurt contains the best of ingredient, produced under hygienic environment and well packaged to customers’ delight.

“It is handy and easy to hold when drinking.

Dolait Yoghurt, if not frozen, does not spoil like other yoghurts that you have known in the past. It is best served chilled and it is consumable for all, both sick and healthy”, he said.

Continuing, he said “I am positive that Nigerian children will soon make Dolait yoghurt their favorite and yarn for it every time. It is convenient to take to school, very good as party edible and even souvenir”.

Nutritionist, Austin Anyanwu emphasized the product’s health value, stating its richness in calcium, saturated fatty acids which helps in weight loss and aids in quick digestion.

He added that the product is effective in high blood pressure management due to its potassium content and helps to regulate the mood.

A medical practitioner, Dr Eruotor Martins, described Dolait yoghurt as a natural bio-product, “a bacteria product that is healthy for the individual.” Martins said that “the product was healthy for the guts; for the intestines, such that when taken, the yoghurt aids digestion of food.”

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