Constellation Brands transits to emission-free agriculture through partnership with Monarch

US – Constellation Brands, the largest beer import company in the US, has partnered with Monarch, maker of the world’s first fully electric, driver-optional tractor, to strengthen its deep commitment to sustainability while supporting a business driving future-forward innovation in agriculture technology.

In the partnership, the brewer will be supplied with Monarch’s groundbreaking MK-V tractors, which combine electrification, automation, and data analysis.

The tech is to help farmers reduce their carbon footprint, improve field safety, streamline farming operations, and increase their bottom lines.

Utilizing a Monarch MK-V in place of a comparable diesel tractor, Constellation Brands said it is the equivalent emission reduction of removing 14 passenger vehicles from the road.

Considering nearly 25 percent of global emissions result from agriculture, the zero-emission Monarch Tractor will help make meaningful emissions reductions as the use of Monarch Tractors scales in an industry that has been historically difficult to decarbonize.

President of Constellation Brands’ Wine & Spirits division, Robert Hanson, said: “We are pleased to partner with Monarch Tractor as its first customer, accelerating our deep commitment to sustainability while supporting a business driving future-forward innovation in agriculture technology.”

“Being the first to leverage the Founder Series MK V, it gives us an industry-first opportunity to scale our production from vineyards sustainably, and we congratulate Monarch on this exciting launch.”

He added that the use of the MK-V tractor simultaneously helps solve numerous challenges farmers face today, including labor shortages, safety concerns, increased customer scrutiny for sustainable practices, government regulations, and more.

The Monarch Tractor intended to transform the agriculture industry with next-generation EV technology and unparalleled automation capabilities to meet farmers’ most pressing needs, was first launched in 2020.

Four months later, Monarch deployed its pilot series at Wente Vineyards, marking for the first time a fully electric, driver-optional, connected tractor had ever been deployed to a commercial farm.

Monarch Tractor, of the NVIDIA Inception startup program, captured the attention of investors, raising more than US$110M, including a US$61M Series B round in 2021.

It also has several strategic partnerships globally including CNH Industrial and V.S.T. Tillers Tractors, and recently signed a contract manufacturing agreement with Hon Hai Technology Group (“Foxconn”) the world’s largest electronic manufacturer, to build the MK-V and its battery packs at the Foxconn Ohio facility.

Manufacturing operations are expected to begin at the Foxconn Mahoning Valley, Ohio, facility in 2023, while tractor research and development will continue in California.

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