NETHERLANDS – The Dutch food and biochemicals company, Corbion has unveiled new tortilla conditioner that improves the quality of tortillas while meeting the need for cleaner ingredient label.

Called Tortilla Suave CL, the new range delivers high-end functionality without relying on conventional dough improvers.

It can be added on top of existing tortilla formulas to reduce sticking and tearing, improve softness and increase rollability.

The range is optimized for use in both commercial and foodservice channels and can be combined with Pristine® Tortilla Base to create a complete Tortilla package.

“Tortilla makers work hard to deliver a great customer experience, so a clean-label alternative solution absolutely must offer all the functionality they’re used to,” said Ashley Robertson, Market Manager-Bakery at Corbion.

“Tortilla Suave CL helps create the outstanding product attributes they need consistently, which means there is less product lost as waste or scrap.

“The result is an end product that is both more marketable and more efficient.”

Corbion’s clean label dough conditioners help bakers reduce or remove unfriendly conditioners and oxidation systems from commercial pan bread and buns, rolls, bagels, frozen bread, pizza and pita bread without sacrificing product quality or taste.

Its Pristine Organic 522 dough conditioner is specially designed for organic bread, buns, rolls and bagels.

It’s not only organic and non-GMO, but it also reduces mixing time for dough.

Corbion offers a full range of conventional and clean-label solutions for tortillas and flatbreads that help manufacturers reduce stickiness, extend freshness, increase process tolerance and enhance resilience and other aspects of product quality.

Last year, Corbion launched vinegar-based mold inhibitor to control molding while addressing the clean label requirement.

Verdad MP100 is a naturally derived preservative said to match the performance of calcium propionate without adversely affecting product flavor.

It is a combination of vinegar and natural flavor that matches the mold-inhibiting functionality and flavor neutrality of calcium propionate, a synthetic solution long relied upon by the baking industry to extend the shelf life of bread.