UK – Cornelius Group, European leading ingredients company has joined forces with Chr. Hansen to supply the UK and Irish food and beverage market with natural colors.

The partnership aims to address health and wellness demand among the health-conscious consumers who are looking for products made of less processed raw materials and ingredients.

Chr. Hansen brings in its innovative approach in natural colors, processed from edible, natural sources such as fruits and vegetables while, Cornelius has a strong distribution network of chemicals, additives and ingredients across the European market.

“Cornelius is at the forefront of reacting to trends and we’re excited about working with Chr. Hansen to show the industry the creativity we can offer to manufacturers in delivering the latest thinking in healthy and natural food and beverage formulation and innovation,” said Kerry Dodd, Business Manager for Health & Nutrition, Cornelius.

Cornelius manufactures and distributes branded and own brand speciality ingredients serving segments such as sports nutrition, dairy, meat, fish & poultry, confectionery, beverages, convenience and bakery.

Chr. Hansen is counting on the natural color range even as demand for natural colors continue to soar in various applications such as confectionery, ice cream, beverages and prepared foods.

The company has developed the Hansen sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) creating a vibrant and natural alternative to carmine and synthetic reds.

The new Hansen sweet potato™ is part of Chr. Hansen’s FruitMax® line of bright-red solutions launched to address challenges posed by use of previously available natural red colors.

The vegetable concentrate, for use in coloring applications, offers a red plant-based color marketed as stable, free from off-taste and minimally processed.

“Natural ingredients are currently the number one trend in the food and beverages market.

“Chr. Hansen is working on bringing natural colours from farm to fork as we work with local farmers and global brand owners around the world,” said Christian Hjortholm Steffensen, Business Manager, Natural Colours, Chr. Hansen.

“As consumers demand foods that contain fewer and simpler ingredients, manufacturers are increasing their use of natural ingredients in their products.”