MEXICO – Beer group, Grupo Modelo has unveiled interlocking cans for its Corona brand to replace six-pack rings in an innovative approach to tackle the problem and impact of plastic waste on the environment.

The new Fit Packs involve screwable, stackable cans with screw threads at the top and bottom of each can, allowing up to ten cans to be stacked on top of each other with a simple twist without additional materials.

This is one way the AB-InBev owned company is eliminating unnecessary packaging from its portfolio, even as concerns about plastic pollution in the oceans and environment continue to rise.

“Corona Fit Packs is currently a prototype solution with an objective of addressing the packaging plastic issues,” said Paulina Portillo Orozco, External Communication Manager for Grupo Modelo.

“As part of the development process, we will analyze our results in order to see what the chances to grow this idea are.

“As of now, it is still a prototype in the development phase, but it has great potential to be a plastic-free solution for the beverages industry in general.”

Corona has made the design available to all other beverage companies who are looking to reduce the impact of plastic packaging on the environment.

The concept said to be cost-effective and easy to scale to global markets was developed by marketing company Leo Burnett.

Tackling pressure on plastic packaging

The beverage industry produces over 15 million tonnes of plastic packaging every year, much of which ends up in the world’s oceans, harming plant and animal life.

The innovation supports Corona’s 2025 Global Sustainability Goals focused on four pillars of smart agriculture, climate action, water stewardship and circular packaging.

“As a global brand, we are deeply committed to reducing a significant amount of plastic in our products.

“This important innovation leads the path in reducing the impact of plastic, not only in the beer industry, but also in the Consumer-Packaged Goods Category overall.

“It helps to keep plastic out of the oceans, thus reinforcing Corona’s commitment to the environment. However, substituting plastic for other materials only solves one part of the problem,” said Portillo.

Recently, Corona launched plant-based rings made from biodegradable fibers as a sustainable alternative to plastic six-pack beer rings.

Carlsberg has also launched Snap Pack, which replaces rings with recyclable glue and according to the company, it has managed a 76% reduction in multi-pack plastic.