KENYA – In a significant blow to the illegal liquor trade, law enforcement authorities in Kiambu County executed a successful sting operation on Friday, resulting in the seizure of suspected counterfeit alcoholic beverages and fake Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) stickers.

The operation, conducted under the leadership of Governor Kimani Wa Matangi, was a major crackdown on the illicit liquor market that has been plaguing the region.

During the operation, a multitude of counterfeit alcoholic drinks were seized, leaving bootleggers and counterfeiters facing the long arm of the law.

 The haul included a staggering 44 cartons of ‘Best,’ 25 cartons of ‘Smart,’ 69 cartons of ‘People,’ 44 cartons of “Blue Ice,” and a whopping 240 liters of spirits stored in jerricans.

The National Police Service (NPS) released a statement confirming the seizure and emphasized the gravity of the illicit trade in the region.

This successful operation not only exposed the alarming extent of the illegal liquor trade in Kiambu County but also highlighted the rampant use of fake KRA stickers to deceive authorities and consumers alike.

The counterfeit stickers were uncovered alongside the illicit alcohol, suggesting a sophisticated operation by those involved in the illegal trade.

The NPS commended the public’s role in providing valuable information that led to these successful operations.

They urged citizens to continue cooperating with law enforcement agencies and sharing any information that could aid in future crackdowns.

This collaborative effort between the community and law enforcement is crucial in the ongoing battle against illicit activities.

Governor Kimani Wa Matangi, whose leadership played a pivotal role in these operations, expressed his commitment to eradicating the illegal liquor trade in Kiambu County.

He emphasized that the safety and well-being of the county’s residents are of paramount importance and that such actions would not go unpunished.

The seizure of counterfeit alcoholic beverages and fake KRA stickers underscored the need for stringent measures to combat the illicit liquor trade, which poses significant health risks to consumers and undermines government revenue.

The authorities have pledged to conduct thorough investigations to identify those responsible for this illicit trade and bring them to justice.

As the crackdown on illegal activities in Kiambu County continues, residents and businesses are hopeful that these operations will serve as a deterrent to those involved in the illicit liquor trade and restore safety and integrity to the region’s alcohol market.

The collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies and the community signal a promising step towards a safer and more transparent environment for all residents.

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