TANZANIA – Croatian food processing company Podravka has opened its first factory in Africa, as part of its global expansion strategy.

The Vegeta Podravka Ltd Tanzania factory in Bagamoyo required a €4 million investment, has a total surface of 17,000 square meters and will employ 20 workers.

Among other products, the factory will produce the iconic Vegeta condiment, consisting of a mixture of salt with flavor enhancers, spices and various vegetables.

Podravka started analyzing the potential of the African market in 2014 and Tanzania revealed itself as the most favorable for business, due to its position, infrastructure, economy growth, but also its membership in trade associations.

During the construction phase, Podravka started marketing imported products from Croatia to present them to potential customers.

It analysed local consumer habits, trends, food preparation tradition and legislature, selecting a potential range of products that were subjected to tests, tastings and registration procedures.

According to Podravka management board member Olivija Jakupec, the company’s products are available in all the modern chain stores and shops in Tanzania, while a wide range of products are also available in Kenya, Zambia and Uganda.

Podravka’s aim is to grow in international markets in the next five years, both organically and through strategic partnerships with local companies.

It currently exports to more than 60 countries, has 15 own companies in various markets and 17 production facilities in four countries.

February 18, 2017; https://www.esmmagazine.com/croatias-podravka-opens-first-factory-africa/39150