Crown Beverage opens new graphics studio to optimize packaging design

USA – Crown Beverage Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings, has opened a new graphics studio in North America to help beverage brands expedite product launches.

The 14, 000 square feet facility features cutting-edge technologies that shorten product development timelines and allow for design mockups in real-time to enable beverage brands maximize the impact of their packaging graphics.


The company said that the facility enables customers to have hands-on involvement alongside on-site experts to produce finished packages that create brand differentiation on the shelf.

Located in Ambler, Pennsylvania, the studio provides a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from consultation and color and ink recommendations to separation and a preview of the finished product.

The graphics studio is also equipped with advanced technologies that can quickly turn design concepts into reality as well as a state-of-the-art pilot line that can produce a sample package on-site, confirm that colors and separations are accurate and allow for designs to be reviewed and revised on-the-spot.

The studio also features a Can Academy that educates customers on the can-making process and where graphic design falls into that production cycle.


“With a wide array of design samples and applications on-site, customers can get an up-close look at Crown’s innovations and take inspiration for their own packaging,” the company said in a statement.

Paul Fennessy, Director of Graphics at Crown said: “Our new graphics studio represents the changing beverage landscape.

“Today, brands are recognizing that in many cases, the can serves as the customer’s first experience with a product.

“The size, look, feel—and of course, the graphics—create a first and lasting impression in the mind of consumers. When designed with these factors in mind, cans are able to foster a valuable connection and build brand preference,” Paul added.

The studio also handles production of printing plates for all U.S. and Canadian plants, including standard computer-to-plate (CTP) plates and high-quality printing (HQP)/direct laser engraving (DLE) plates.


The graphics studio will serve as the primary design center for all Crown Beverage Packaging North America customers.

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