SPAIN – Crown Holdings, a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world, plans on building a new plant in Valencia to meet rising aluminium cans demand.

The packaging manufacturer which currently operates two steel beverages can plants in Spain, Agoncillo and Seville has announced it will build a new plant in the Valencia region of Spain to curb the growing demand for aluminium cans.

The plant is expected to be operational during the fourth quarter of 2018, with an annual capacity of approximately 900 million units in multiple sizes and designed to accommodate further expansion.

It will be located ten miles north of the city of Valencia. This was selected based on its close proximity to key customers as well as the local infrastructure and transportation links.

The high capacity will be initially utilized to facilitate customer’s transitions from producing steel to aluminium beverage cans and therefore aid in the support for growing demand for both beer and non-alcoholic beverage cans.

Ziya Ozay, senior vice president of Crown Bevcan Europe and Middle East, said: “We are excited about the aluminium beverage can market growth in the Iberian region, and our new plant will be ideally located to supply the increasing requirements of a number of key customers and support our other facilities during the conversion from steel to aluminium.”

Crown had also officially opened its new beverage can plant in Monterrey on August 2017, Mexico. This was in an aim to support also the growing demand for metal packaging from consumers and brand owners.

The plant supplies aluminium two-piece beverage cans in multiple sizes to customers in the region, which is also experiencing dynamic expansion and growth.