USA – CS Group and PepsiCo Foodservice have announced the expansion of a distribution agreement that grants PepsiCo exclusive distribution rights to Cool Attitudes Craft Mixers in the United States.

Cool Attitudes Craft Mixers are a disruptive entrant in the craft cocktail space, merging premium ingredients with the efficiencies of proven Bag-in-Box beverage dispensing technology.

The expansions will also broaden the portfolio of on-trend brands it can offer customers, including bars, hotels, restaurants and casinos.

“PepsiCo strives to set the standard for partnership in the foodservice industry and we believe that the addition of Cool Attitudes Craft Mixers to our portfolio will enable our customers to stay ahead of market demand for premium craft cocktails with a convenient, cost-effective option on the bar gun,” said Heather Hoytink, Senior Vice President, Sales, PepsiCo Foodservice.

The Cool Attitudes Craft Mixer line-up includes expertly crafted mixers that are on-trend within the U.S. cocktail market, including Margarita, Bloody Mary, Sweet & Sour and Ginger Beer flavors.

Each flavor is crafted with Fair Trade cane sugar, organic agave nectar, fresh juices and other natural flavors.

The company added that Cool Attitudes Craft Mixers deliver the ingredient profile modern cocktail consumers are demanding, and that the brand is truly disruptive in making such high-quality ingredients available to bartenders at the touch of a button on a bar gun.

By offering craft mixers with high quality ingredients in Bag-in-Box packaging, Cool Attitudes Craft Mixers deliver on consumer expectations for quality, as well as bartender expectations for improved efficiency.

CS Group launched the Cool Attitudes Craft Mixer line in Las Vegas in 2015, proving out the concept with bartenders in casinos on and off the strip.

Cool Attitudes Craft Mixers quickly scaled throughout the Las Vegas market as the brand gained equity among bartenders and industry professionals.

“When we set out to launch a craft mixer brand that could truly disrupt the cocktail market we chose Las Vegas to prove the concept.

Vegas is on the cutting edge of the bar and nightclub industry and only great brands can make it in the prestigious bars, clubs and hotels.

Cool Attitudes Craft Mixers enjoyed the immediate acceptance of the Las Vegas bar and restaurant professionals and the brand is now pouring in all four major casino groups,” said CS Group CEO Rich Davis.

“Just four years since launch, such aggressive growth has Cool Attitudes Craft Mixers trending to become the leading mixer sold in Las Vegas by 2019, and the brand continues to expand its presence in Chicago, California, Florida and the Northeast.”