Dairy Farmers of America unveils Borden Mozzarella String Cheese

USA – Dairy Farmers of America has launched a new whole milk Mozzarella String Cheese, expanding its Borden Cheese range in the United States.

The new product has a buttery flavour and made using high quality, wholesome ingredients that ensures flavourful and nutritious products, well aligned to consumer tastes and preferences.

The firm has also expanded the Borden Cheese portfolio with Snack Bar flavors available in Habanero Cheddar and Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese and Thick Cut Shreds available in Ultimate Nacho Blend, Ultimate Mac & Cheese Blend and Ultimate Pizza Blend.

“Whether snacking on-the-go or making a homecooked meal, consumers are yearning for more flavorful cheese options.

We’re excited to address this growing need with our new, robust flavor offerings,” said Mihira Rami, Marketing Director Consumer Brands, Borden® Cheese, Dairy Farmers of America.

“From flavor-packed thick cut shreds and snack bars to a wholesome string cheese snack, these new additions offer innovative, flavor-forward options for the whole family.”

The snack bars each offers 5g of protein for nutritious, flavorful snacking on-the-go while Borden® Cheese Thick Cut Shreds Blends combine specially selected cheese varieties to provide a smoother, creamier melt and authentic taste.

The new product range follows the recent launch of Craigs Creamery cheese brand in the US in partnership with eight New York-area farm families.

Made with local, high-quality milk and all-natural ingredients, Craigs Creamery reinforces its commitment to sustainable farming and ensuring a supply chain that thrives for generations.

According to the company, Craigs Creamery cheese is available in slice, shred, bar and chunk made with high-quality milk, all-natural ingredients and no added hormones.

Last year, the company agreed to acquire Agropur-owned production facility in St. Paul, Minnesota to strengthen presence in the United States.

It also invested in SomaDetect, a dairy technology start-up that uses real-time analytics to improve milk quality in October.

According to the cooperative, with SomaDetect’s technology, farmers can easily evaluate components of interest in raw milk, including fat, protein, somatic cells, progesterone and trace antibiotics.

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