GLOBAL – New product developments in the dairy and dairy alternatives category feature a return to indulgent and nostalgic flavor profiles.  

Danone new yogurt and non-dairy yogurt offerings 

Danone North America has added new yogurt and non-dairy yogurt offerings with fruit flavors.  

Joining the Dannon Light + Fit Greek nonfat yogurt collection is lemon cream and orange cream.  The products contain fewer calories than average flavored Greek yogurt, according to the company.   

So Delicious Dairy Free, a business owned by Danone North America, is debuting a new line of yogurt alternatives made with coconut milk and botanical extracts.  

Varieties include strawberry with elderberry extract, mango with ginger and turmeric extracts, and mixed berry with chamomile extract.  

Unilever’s Ben & Jerry’s launches new Topped flavours 

Unilever-owned Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled two new additions to its Topped line, both of which feature a chocolatey ganache and chocolate cookie swirl. 

The two new flavors aim to tap into nostalgia and are inspired by two childhood treats: chocolate milk and cookies and ‘dirt’ cake. 

Topped Chocolate Milk & Cookies features chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cookie swirls, topped with a milk chocolatey ganache and fudge chips. 

Meanwhile, Topped Dirt Cake combines vanilla pudding ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate cookie swirls, and is topped with ganache and chocolate cookie crumble. 

Jenis Splendid Ice Cream’s Pancakes ice cream 

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is introducing a limited-edition Maple-Soaked Pancakes ice cream, which has a swirl of salted butter and Vermont maple syrup ice creams with pancake bites. 

Other new ice cream products are inspired by childhood treats such as Little Debbie snack cakes and Oreo cookies. 

Califia Farms unveils new dairy-free milks and creamers 

Califia Farms has announced the launch of new dairy-free plant milks and creamers. 

Zero Sugar Oatmilk is said to provide “the rich, creamy and smooth taste of regular oat milk with 0g of sugar per serving,” and is a source of calcium and vitamins A and D. 

Meanwhile, Oat + Almond Plantmilk Blend offers 60 calories per serving. The new almond and oat blend is also a source of calcium and vitamins A and D. 

The company is also introducing two new creamer varieties: Cookie Butter Almondmilk, which combines almond milk with the flavour of spiced speculoos cookies; and oat milk-based Cinnamon Roll Oat, which is said to offer the flavour of an iced cinnamon roll. 

The new creamers can be used in hot or iced coffee and contain only 3g of sugar per serving. 

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